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De-Stress the Team: Workplace Massage

· Quirky Perks,Workplace Rewards,Seated Massage

Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of promoting wellness in the workplace, and through Quirky Perks you can now use massage as a way to attract and keep employees, while also keeping them more alert and productive.

Massage therapy through Quirky Perks is a simple and surprisingly accessible addition to your office environment. A fully equipped therapist comes into your workplace, only needing access to a small meeting room, or quiet corner. We provide 15 minute seated massages, so employees don't need to get changed. This is completely hassle free and the benefits are plentiful...

So how exactly can workplace massage help your team?

1. Improve mental health: research demonstrates that weekly workplace massage can lead to a massive 85% reduction in stress, as well as reducing levels of anxiety and depression.

2. Relieves muscle tension and pain: Regular corporate chair massages can improve physical health too; a decrease of 48% was seen in studies on back pain and tension, and even sleep was improved!

3. Improve physical health: several studies have demonstrated how regular massage can ease repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and it can also reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. Regular seated massages have even been proven to lower blood pressure!

There is heaps of research about the benefits of workplace massage, so if you're looking to attract talent, increase job satisfaction and performance, and improve employee morale and retention, get in touch with Quirky Group today - From a regular massage programme to a one-off event, we'd love to help you.

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