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London Coffee Shops to Fall in Love With

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To celebrate London Coffee Festival, we made a tour of some of our favourite coffee shops in the city. With a takeaway coffee culture and a never ending number of freelancers choosing to work from cafes rather than their homes, London’s future is clear and it would be hard for a coffee shop to fail here. However, which ones are the cream of the crop and stand out more than the others? Happy and caffeinated, we present to you some of the yummiest coffee and treats in town, where we’d love to work every day of the week - yes, even on weekends!

Shoreditch Grind

How could there be a list of the best coffee in London, without the beloved Shoreditch Grind? With its convenient location in the heart of Tech City, entrepreneurs have fallen in love with the place, and we have not stayed immune to its magic either. Whether you’re in a rush and need a quick takeaway fix, if you have a meeting, or want a change of scenery, Shoreditch Grind can be the place for any and all of your coffee needs.


If you are looking for a coffee shop to work from, then look no further. With two Central London locations, TimberYard is an awesome entrepreneurial hub. You can use it in the same way you would an office or a co-working space, while avoiding any of the potential boredom and staying flexible. You can hire a meeting room, socialise with fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, attend events there, have a coffee, and of course do the work you love doing.

Scooter Cafe

Down the quiet Lower Marsh, Scooter Cafe is an even quieter, hidden spot, with a cosy atmosphere and a cat you can chill out with! You can get through your daily tasks and emails at Scooter with a delicious coffee in hand, or lounge about on the sofas, and if you stay late enough you can treat yourself to one of their cool cocktails. Just moments away from the busy Waterloo station, the fairy lights and snug seating are a true oasis away from the rush hour commute.

Cupcakes and Shhht

In the heart of Elephant and Castle, this should be the top spot for veggies and vegans. But everyone is welcome here, so make sure to check it out if you’re ever in the area. Based in one of the shipping containers on the ground floor of the Artworks, a creative hub a minute’s walk from Elephant and Castle station, Cupcakes and Shhht is a neighbour to a variety of restaurants, brands and shops. Their cute decor can be such an inspiration for creatives, and with limited seating it never gets too loud. Most of their menu is vegan and they make a mean oat milk latte (their other hot drinks are top notch too). If you’re hungry - we recommend, well, everything!

Joe and the Juice

Infamous for their juices, Joe and the Juice also make a good coffee and a tasty coffee shake. With the summer months coming up, it’ll definitely be one of our more visited destinations. With a number of locations, friendly staff, and feel-good music, you’ll want to have all your meals and work from there all day. If you’re not a fan of juice, you’ll be converted by theirs! Trust them - they know what they’re doing.

Crosstown Doughnuts

We don’t know if it’s the drinks or the doughnuts, probably a combination of the two, but if you’re in Soho and need a sweet treat, look no further. You can’t sit down to answer emails inside, but you can always pop into the nearby Soho Gardens and enjoy your Crosstown treats. What better way to spend your spring day than in the sun, with a coffee and doughnut by your side?

Central Street Cafe

Last but definitely not least, another place with excellent coffee and top-notch food is Central Street Cafe. Perfect for brunch, a coffee catch up, or getting some work done, it has a convenient East-Central location and a spacious inside as well as outside seating - perfect for sunny weeks. Its bright and open space, the communal tables and lovely staff, all make for a great experience. Of course, their delicious lattes and avocado toast only work further in their favour.

Did your favourite coffee shops make the cut? Or did we miss a cult London cafe you love and have to tell everyone about? Let us know in the comments below!

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