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Our Top Three Workplace Perks

Quirky Perks to Reward and Motivate

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1. Friday Drinks

After a long week, nothing says 'thank you' and brings a team together like a few team drinks. From festive mulled wine to cold beers or cocktails, we can bring a pop-up bar to your workplace and serve drinks to the team as a Friday treat.

2. Relaxing Yoga

Lunchtime or end of day yoga classes, welcoming everyone from beginners to advanced students, can help a team de-stress and clear their minds. As well as making a team feel appreciated, offering yoga classes can also increase productivity - win / win!

3. Tastings

From cheese to wine, beers to gin or whisky, learn something new as a team about your favourite food and drinks!

Quirky Group offers a range of pop-up Quirky Perks to reward and motivate your staff, treat your clients, or to enhance your event. They are the perfect antidote to a stressful week at work, and ideal for team building.

With all perks we simply pop along to your workplace and set up for an hour, afternoon or evening. No need to go off site, no need to spend hours researching and booking activities... We've got it covered.

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