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Rewarding Top Teams: Quirky Perks

· Workplace Rewards,Team Building,Quirky Perks

Life and work get so busy sometimes, with emailing and instant messaging usurping conversation and face to face meetings. With so much going on, it can be all too easy to fail to make time to celebrate human relationships, to reward ourselves and others, and just have fun!

As part of our goal to create unique events and experiences, we offer a range of pop-up Quirky Perks to reward and motivate your staff, treat your clients, or to enhance your event.

They are the perfect antidote to a stressful week at work, and ideal for team building.

With all perks we simply pop along to your workplace and set up for an hour, afternoon or evening. No need to go off site, no need to spend hours researching and booking activities... We've got it covered.

From team yoga to cocktail making classes, tastings to beauty treatments, smoothies and meditation to mulled wine afternoons... find out more at

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