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This is Why Team-Building Improves Workplace Cohesion

Treat Your Team to a Productive Team-Building Event with Quirky Perks

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It’s proven that teambuilding exercises improve team cohesion – after all, it’s in the name. When employees have fun, and solve a variety of tasks together, they are learning to work better and more effectively as a collective. Thus, team performance will soar.

Your team will achieve more by going through challenges, learning and re-learning how to work together and providing added value. Team-building will also aid significantly in motivating your employees to work not only hard but, more importantly, better, cooperating to achieve high results.

That’s why we created Quirky Perks – the opportunity to have a workplace package – be it an experience, a challenge, or entertainment – which will get people’s minds off the problems and help them focus on the solutions instead. We want to help teams over-perform and we believe it is experiences outside of the work sphere, or even outside the workplace, which will help them reach their goals.

Among our other Quirky Perks are team yoga and meditation, cocktail making and wine tasting. To see our full list of workplace experiences, visit, or to read more about how Quirky Perks help people achieve more in the workplace, we talk about it here: Workplace Perks Improve Team Performance

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