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Welcome, Joana!

We have two new team members and this week, we're introducing Joana...

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Meet Joana!

Let’s Get Quirky!

What’s your role at Quirky Group?

I’ve taken over a lot of the Marketing at Quirky - so I’m doing the social media and PR, as well as collaborations and campaigns. I also do some event logistics - but Dan and Jo are the pros at this, so there’s lots to learn from them!

What’s your favourite thing about Quirky?

No day is ever the same! As much as I enjoy writing blog posts, I can’t always hide behind the screen all day every day, so meeting with clients, getting out at events, and being able to work from almost everywhere are certainly the biggest perks. Also Team Quirky are so easy to get on with!

What do you like about the team?

I got along with Jo from the first time we met and it’s been so amazing how quickly I fell into the team dynamic. I love working together because we get to rack our brains (and in the start-up world, we know problem-solving is an essential in your toolkit), so we make sure the project is in its best shape possible.

Where can we find you on your days off?

Maybe going to the gym, but definitely watching Youtube videos and eating yummy vegan food in my pajamas (and posting about it on instagram on @kindredvegan).

One for the road...

A favourite quote, mantra or words of wisdom?

‘I am enough,’ my daily affirmation, because I’m lame like that but also because sometimes you do need a reminder to be kind to yourself before you are to anyone else.

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