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WIN!! a Quirky Bars party with 150 free cocktails!

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For only 5 more days, you could WIN a free pop-up bar experience including 150 cocktails when you sign up to our mailing list!

If you win, we'll provide a Private Pop-up Quirky Bar Experience for you and your friends. We’ll come to your home, garden or office and serve free drinks from the Quirky Bar of your choice.

The competition is open for 5 more days, so sign up now and feel free to share the opportunity to win with your friends - you're sure to get an invitation to the party if they win! Just make sure you sign up to our mailing list before midnight on 31st August.

We’ll notify the randomly selected winner on 1st September. Then all they need to do is select their favourite Quirky Bar and tell us about their favourite cocktails! Let the party planning commence.

Find out more about what we do at

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