• Bespoke Converted Vehicles and Trailers


    For brands that really want to make an impression, we offer a range of bespoke mobile units we can build from scratch or convert from vintage models to perfectly suit your needs.


    From branded trailers to horseboxes and from ice cream trucks to tricycles; no matter what you want, we will make it yours.


  • Some of our Bespoke Conversions

    trailer conversion

    Trailer Conversion

    Make a statement with a full trailer. These large self-contained units are perfect for brands that need a long bar or big cooking space. Be seen and remembered at markets, events, and festivals, attracting a crowd and loyal return customers.

    converted bicycle tricycle branded

    Shipping Container

    Converted shipping containers are gaining popularity as flexible mobile or stationary branded spaces. For those that want to present themselves differently, this can be a perfect alternative to permanent and pop-up premises alike.

    converted horse box bar

    Converted Horsebox Bar

    A little quirky and sure to grab people’s attention, a trusty Horsebox is always on trend. No matter if you want it to add to the premium feel of your product, or if you’ve opted for a vintage look, customers will remember your brand thanks to this stand-out vehicle.

    converted piaggio ape

    Piaggio Ape

    If you’re looking for a small vehicle with lots of character, look no further - a Piaggio Ape is the one for you. The 1950’s 3-wheeler van captures the traditional spirit of its native Italy, while also being very much in-vogue. Cool, compact and convenient, it’s the vehicle for brands this year.

    converted vintage coffee van branded

    Vintage Coffee Van

    The coffee van is completely self-sufficient and road-worthy, the perfect all-in-one vehicle for your food or drinks business. The convenience of the van means that you’re open for business as soon as you step inside, ideal for those times when serving customer demand quickly is key.

    converted ice cream van vehicle branded

    Ice Cream Van

    Who said an ice-cream van has to only serve ice cream? Perfect no matter if your products are ice-cold drinks or delicious street food (or both!), this van is easy to drive and comes with plenty of space in the back.

    converted bicycle tricycle branded

    Bicycle or Tricycle

    If you need a small branded unit which doesn’t require a motor, opt for a bicycle or tricycle. With their versatility and compactness, they are among the best vehicles for marketing campaigns and brand activations. You can operate out of practically anywhere.

  • Looking for a bespoke mobile unit just for you? From ambulances to camper vans, from airstreams to caravans, we can transform a vehicle to perfectly suit your brand. Click here to get in touch.


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