'Ace!' Wimbledon-themed installation pops up in Gillray's, County Hall

When Fentimans asked us to design and install a Wimbledon themed pop-up bar in Gillray's Bar & Steakhouse, part of the Marriott Hotel in London's County Hall, we immediately knew that a tennis lawn would be just perfect.

Picking out the Fentimans logo in Wimbledon purple, the branded lawn makes the perfect place for guests to watch the tennis whilst reclining in a deckchair. 



Guests are welcomed into the bar via the Marriott entranceway, where a bespoke sign surrounded by quintessentially English white picket fencing and ornamental greenery announces the Fentimans Cocktail Court. 



Both outside and inside the venue, vintage tennis rackets recall the years of heritage possessed by the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Fentimans, and the beautiful County Hall.




With bespoke signage created using natural wood, delicate British flowers in terracotta pots and hampers of delicious Fentimans drinks, the pop-up Fentimans Cocktail Court in Gillray's is sure to serve up an ace this summer.



The pop-up Quirky Space will be serving up cocktails throughout Wimbledon, so enjoy the tennis with a drink in hand until 11 July 2016.

Quirky Group