PRODUCT Sampling

As a full-service events and sampling agency, we can provide everything from a mobile sampling unit to a team of expert Brand Ambassadors to showcase your products.

Below are some of our product sampling units, which can be supplied fully branded. We also offer Pimms Bars, where we can add Pimms branding, serving the classic British summer drink.

If you’re looking for larger mobile units, take a look at our Bar Hire page.

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Tricycle Bar

Serve drinks for your clients from our beautiful tricycle bar.

This can be branded with your logo or based on the colours of your marketing campaign.

It can easily be used outside or fit inside an office, lobby or party venue.

Cargo Trike

The cargo trike is ideal for sampling most products, including food and bottles that need to be kept on ice. It has recently become a very popular mobile unit, since it is great for transporting and handing out samples at the same time.


Grass Bar

Perfect for corporate parties, sports or garden-inspired events, the Grass Bar can be used indoors and outdoors to add to the fresh ambiance.

Think Wimbledon or Rugby Six Nations viewing parties, or emphasising the botanical ingredients in your products with added flowers.

Fully Branded Bar

The dream bar for mixologists, this practical and classy bar will go perfectly with your sleek branding or campaign imagery.

Perfect for office samplings or smaller scale brand activations, you can also hire this with our bar staff for when you want to treat a top client or your best performing team.



Industrial Pallet Wood Bar

Made of up-cycled materials and reclaimed, stained pallet wood, our Industrial Bar would match your brand’s vintage or traditional heritage.

Stained in a colour popular amongst whiskey and other dark spirit and dark mixer brands, this could be an excellent bar to showcase your products.

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Benefits of Sampling for your Business

One of the most effective ways to win over the love and repeat business of your customers is through memorable face-to-face interactions.

Below are the top benefits of sampling your products and attending events, which will make people remember you and choose your product.


1. Exposure and Publicity

Quirky Group Brand Ambassadors Fentimans

Sampling and events like exhibitions or in-store sessions are excellent for spreading the word about your product and creating good brand recognition.

Promote the sampling before, during and after the event - your campaign will have a lasting presence on social media and blogs.


2. Brand loyalty


Sampling promotes brand loyalty – people are more likely to buy a product they’ve tried. Knowing they’ll enjoy it will fuel the customers’ confidence in it, meaning they’ll easily pick it over competitors, regardless of price.

This is where friendly sampling staff help – your Brand Ambassadors will make sure potential customers have the best sampling experience possible.


3. Receiving feedback

Brand Ambassadors Quirky Group Fentimans

Sampling is an excellent way for you to improve your products by seeing what their reception is like. Since customers are an essential part of your journey as a brand, getting to interact with them and hear what they have to say is vital for your business development.

You can take this a step further by conducting market research while you sample. Take along a short survey, ask participants what they like and don’t like about the product, what they’d improve. Feed that back into your product development.


4. Rise in Immediate Sales

Thomas and Evans Sampling Harvey Nichols

The first three points listed here are not easily quantifiable and converted into spreadsheets.

However, a change in sales and sampling go hand in hand. Studies have shown that sales increase drastically in the week of an in-store sampling, by as much as a few hundred percent, and for the top performing products, sales also remain high for the next 4 weeks after, with some brands seeing sales rise by over 10 per cent.