Bicycle Bar Rings Vintage Wedding Bell

Dan & Jo’s Bicycle Bar is the perfect way to add some vintage flair to your wedding and make your big day extra special.


Bicycle Bar is a quirky vintage watering hole on wheels, where drinks are served from the baskets of classic butcher’s and baker’s bicycles. Betty the bicycle, and her brothers and sisters, absolutely love popping up at weddings, to serve thirsty guests and create a unique and memorable touch.

Bicycle Bar’s beautiful classic Pashley bicycles ooze vintage class. Whilst they were once used to deliver bread and other staples, these days Bicycle Bar has replaced loaves with liquor to bring vintage flair to wedding receptions.

Bicycle Bar 3.jpg


Bicycle Bar is a very flexible operation and can be worked into most wedding venues, even where there is an alcohol tie-in with the venue. We are aware that each venue works differently, and we’ll happily help with licensing formalities if required. We can supply drinks as part of the package, or work with the wedding venue to serve drinks on their behalf.


Bicycle Bar can be tailored to any wedding, serving guests with anything from Champagne to cocktails, or G&T to ginger beer. Bicycle Bar can act as a complimentary bar to guests at weddings, or as a regular paid bar service.

Bicycle Bar (part of the Quirky Bars family) is based in London, but has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel. Especially to weddings!


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