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Branding a Quirky Bar

Add your brand to any bar or exhibition stand

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Whether you hire a Quirky Bar for sales or sampling, to use as a bar or exhibition stand, we can make sure that it works hard to promote your company or product by adding your branding. From adding freestanding signage to applying your brand to the bar itself, we can make sure you stand out.

When Bill's hired our Horsebox Bar for a series of events to celebrate The Hive at Kew Gardens, they asked us to help their brand stand out. The Horsebox Bar is already fantastically impactful, but adding splashes of on-brand yellow signage featuring the Bill's logo made it clear that the company was here to celebrate The Hive with their honey-based cocktails. We added bespoke menu boards, with branding mounted on the top and side of the Horsebox, accompanied by a tall free-standing sign to allow for flexible positioning.

Fentimans hired the Surfboard Bar for product sampling at beach festival - Tunes in the Dunes. As with all sampling, it was critical that recipients understood who the brand was, and what they stood for. By stencilling the logo onto the rustic wooden bar base, we hinted at Fentimans' heritage, whilst the products lined up on the Surfboard Bar demonstrated their sense of fun.

We enjoyed adding our free-standing swinging sign to the Festival Bar at a Fentimans sampling event at Prudential RideLondon 2016. With the rustic bar referencing Fentimans' heritage one again, the large, high sign promoted the brand beautifully. We also added a branded barrel cap to the bar for an additional fun splash of brand promotion.

It's always exciting and rewarding to design and build a branded bar or exhibition stand for a company, but when budgets are tighter, it's great to offer to more affordable option of hiring one of our existing bars or units. And to be able to add a company's brand or specific product information to one of these bars opens up endless possibilities for brand exposure.

If you're interested in talking to us about branding opportunities, email us now:

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