Doing Dry January Right: Mocktails

It's dark. It's cold and miserable. And for many of us, January is 'dry'. After the season of excess, countless people are giving up alcohol for the month to give their body a much needed break. So why are we, specialists in events and pop-up bars, choosing to blog about Dry January?! To persuade people to fall off the bandwagon? To tease and torment the virtuous booze-free? Tempting...!! But we have a kinder mission in mind. 

And so it is that we thoughtfully present our top three mocktails to keep you sane and sober until 1 February (when we will have the gin ready and waiting!!). We hope you enjoy...

1. The No-Jito

Muddle a few lime wedges with a handful of mint leaves in your glass, before topping with crushed ice and refreshing coconut water. Swirl in a touch of honey to sweeten if your heart desires, or add pureed berries to really take this up a notch.


2. Mulled Apple Juice

Replace your favourite mulled cider with this non-alcoholic warmer... simply simmer apple juice with the orange peel, a cinnamon stick and cloves for ten minutes to infuse, before enjoying guilt-free!

3. Classic Shirley Temple

We've all heard them talk about a Shirley Temple in the movies, well now is the time to try one! Top a double shot (50ml) of grenadine (available in most supermarkets) with ginger ale, and garnish with a maraschino cherry or three. Easy Peasy!

Quirky Group