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Live Graffiti Artists For Enthralling Events

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As attendees at 2016's Imbibe Live event will know, one of the most innovative and exciting entertainments for events is a live graffiti artist, creating a unique mural throughout an event. Not much tops the wonder of watching a piece of artwork appear before your eyes, and a live artist can truly capture the mood of the event or organisation in their work.

With our love of Quirky Entertainment, we are delighted to be offering talented live Graffiti Artists to enthral guests at your next event. All murals can be themed to suit your event or audience, and can be permanent or temporary. This completely customisable graffiti mural can even include your company branding.

Immortalise the success of your next event with a custom mural. Perfect for corporate functions, promo events, product launches & more.

Contact us today to book your live Graffiti Artist via

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