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Off-the-Shelf Bars & Counters

· Quirky Spaces,Pop-up Bar,Exhibition Stand

We designs and creates bespoke Quirky event spaces, bars and exhibition stands.

But we also have some more standardised bars and counters that we can create extremely quickly. Be it for an event, a series of pop-ups, or for your home bar, our counters and bars come with different finishes to compliment any theme.

We use reclaimed timber to create bars which look great and are cost-effective. Standard dimensions are approximately 120cm wide x 100cm high x 50cm deep, but this can be tailored to your requirements. Below we feature some of our different standardised styles.

natural wooden sampling bar complete with panelling, a chunky wooden bar top, under-bar shelving and branding on the front, in this case Red Bull:

Natural wooden sampling bar by Quirky Builds

Corrugated iron effect pop-up bar by Quirky Spaces:

Corrugated Iron effect pop-up bar by Quirky Builds

A richly varnished wooden exhibition stand complete with panelling, a wooden bar top, under-bar shelving and branding on the front, in this case Havana Club rum:

Varnished wooden exhibition stand by Quirky Builds

Painted exhibition counter:

Painted exhibition counter by Quirky Builds

We are able to adapt the finish of your bar or counter with different varnishes, colours, or branding based on your requirements. Do get in touch if you're interested in one of our off-the-shelf styles, or if you'd like something more elaborate.

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