Quirky Group swallows Pop-up Bars & Events Consultancy

As the appetite for unique experiences, events and communications continues to grow, the Quirky Group has been born to satisfy demand.
Dan Lloyd and Jo Becker founded Quirky Bars earlier this year, developing and operating themed mobile pop-up bars. After phenomenal success creating and running pop-up events the pair has just restructured their business to cater to distinct markets where they have found success.
The London-based Quirky Group is now composed of three business areas:

  • Quirky Bars continues to hire out their wacky mobile bars for private events, weddings and parties, and will keep popping-up at festivals.

  • Quirky Builds will focus on developing bespoke creations for event spaces and exhibition stands.

  • Quirky Business provides business, marketing and events consultancy to a variety of companies, large and small.


Dan Lloyd, one of the founders of the Quirky Group says “After an incredible year we are excited to be expanding once again, and will continue to create events and communications that are supremely engaging”.

For further information, please contact Dan and Jo at:

07765 484442

Quirky Group