Contractor Terms & Conditions


We expect you to arrive before your shift begins. Being late is unacceptable. If you are late we reserve the right to send you home immediately without pay. We may also remove you from any future shifts.

Signing in and signing out.

It is imperative that you sign in and sign out of all shifts. Please do this with your manager if onsite, or remotely via your phone if instructed.

Cancellation by You

Once booked onto a shift, we expect you to attend. If you know you’re not going to make it, please give us as much notice as possible to find a replacement. If you cancel a shift with less than 24 hours notice we expect proof that you can’t attend (e.g. Doctors note). Any no-shows or late cancellation without proof will result in yourself being removed from our staffing database and any future shifts cancelled.

Cancellation by Us

We will always try our utmost to prevent this, but shifts sometimes get cancelled or changed last minute. If Quirky Group cancel or change a shift within 24 hours we will pay you for a minimum of 4 hours, unless the shift was below 4 hours and then you will be paid for the full shift.

Licensing and Challenge 25

Customers attempting to buy age-restricted products are asked to prove their age if in the retailer's opinion they look under 25 yet are over 18 years old. It gives the server full discretion to evaluate, followed by proof. No matter what additional precautions an event organiser may say they have put in place before people arrive at the bar, YOU the server have the ultimate responsibility and would receive the fine. Defend yourself against receiving a minimum fixed penalty fine of £90 by requesting to see ID from anyone you think looks under 25.

Rest Breaks

Rest breaks will be taken on a rotation basis administered by your supervisor. Prayer breaks must be incorporated within agreed rest breaks as directed by supervisors. 

Health and Safety

Safety is always our top priority. Before any job begins you will be briefed on job and site-specific health and safety. Make sure you feel fully briefed on all matters of health and safety. Please ask if you have any doubts. Always take sensible precautions to ensure you, your colleagues and our customers are safe at all times.

Personal Hygiene

For all customer-facing jobs, we expect staff to have a high level of personal hygiene and clean clothes.


You should only smoke in designated smoking areas, and only on a break. If you’re wearing a uniform please cover it up or take it off. Please ensure you don’t smell of smoke when coming back on shift.

Drugs and alcohol

You must never be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst working for Quirky Group. Exceptions may be made to have a sensible alcoholic drink at the end of a shift at the discretion of your manager. 

Van Hire

When initially hiring a vehicle it is the driver's responsibility to check that there is no unrecorded damage and the fuel is at the stated level. These checks are essential to ensure you’re not charged for damage that wasn’t incurred by yourself.

At the termination of a rental, ensure the vehicle is left in a tidy condition. The driver will be held responsible for vehicles unreturned in an unsatisfactory condition.

If you are responsible for damaging a vehicle whilst under your control the driver will be responsible for the excess or repair bill. In exceptional circumstances, Quirky Group may contribute towards these costs.

All staff are expected to follow the laws of the land. Quirky Group accepts no liability for any fines, charges or damage incurred following offenses involving a vehicle you are in charge of, and the driver is responsible for such offenses. These include but are not limited to speeding, careless driving, parking fines, drink driving, entering areas with height/width/weight restrictions. In exceptional circumstances, Quirky Group may contribute towards a fine.


If entrusted with a set of keys, it is your responsibility to keep them safe at all times. You will be liable for the costs of replacing keys if lost.


Contractors must care to make sure all purchases made using Company funds or using your own funds with the intention of being claimed as an expense, are deemed to be of best value and necessary for business operations. 

Receipts must be obtained for all purchases and VAT receipts must be requested and obtained wherever possible. An electronic copy of all receipts must be submitted with your invoice.

All expense claims must be approved by your Quirky Group manager and should be submitted with your invoice. Any expense claims submitted after this may not be reimbursed.


You are officially a subcontractor of Quirky Group, and as such are considered self-employed and are therefore responsible for all personal taxation. If you need more advice please consult

To get paid, you need to submit an invoice using the form below, unless you have agreed with Quirky Group to provide an invoice in a different format:


We aim to pay Shift Pay & Expenses (where applicable) on Fridays, providing you submit your invoice by 6pm on the Monday of the week payment is due. Please be as accurate as possible; any mistakes may lead to a delay in getting paid.

You must submit your invoice form within 30 days of completion of the work, or Quirky Group reserves the right to refuse payment. 

Data Protection

We will never sell any information on, and will provide Subject Access Requests on application. You also have a right to be forgotten, and we can delete all your information if requested.