Strategy and Planning

We undertake a rigorous 3-Step Process to help you develop a robust and deliverable Events Strategy and Plan for your brand.


1. Clarifying Objectives

We take time understanding and clarifying your commercial and marketing objectives, your brand goals and target audience.

We work collaboratively to identify which goals can be best achieved through events and experiential activity.


2. Events Strategy Development

Once we have a clear set of objectives, we work with clients to develop a robust Events Strategy, including:

  • How to best reach your target audience (e.g. at trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, or through guerrilla marketing)

  • How to bring your brand to life creatively within an events space (e.g. branded Camper vans, a themed bar, a flashmob using professional opera singers)

  • How to optimise your event budget and maximise ROI through sales, sampling, lead generation, and content development.


3. Event Planning

With a clear strategy in place, we can move into the planning phase and create a set of actionable plans including:

Our experience and established relationships with suppliers and festival and event organisers mean we are often able to make significant savings in terms of money and time.


Fentimans-botanical-bar-Lost-Village event management and strategy

Case Study:

The Fentimans Botanical Bars

We created an annual strategy for Fentimans to increase brand recognition, booking and delivering over 30 country-wide events, using two Botanical Bars we designed and built.


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