Hot Tips For Hot Weather: How Your Bar Can Make the Most of a Heatwave

This year’s British summer was (though hopefully it’s not over just yet) exceptional in a few ways - exceptionally hot, sunny and dry. According to the Met Office, we only had 60% of the average rainfall for June and July and over 140% of the average amount of sunshine! Who knows though? In a few years time, weather like this might be anything but exceptional.

As all good bar managers know, weather is one of the biggest predictors of sales. If you are able to make the most of whatever weather comes your way, you can make more hay than anyone else while the sun shines. We here at Quirky Group wanted to share some of our best secrets for running a bar or event, to help you make the most of the heat.


1. Weather Forecasting

Make an analysis of the weather forecast part of your weekly routine. A look ahead as a manager or part of a team will give you a good idea of what to expect and what you might need to prepare for. Plan ahead, stay ahead.

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2. Reporting

Include details about conditions in your reporting. If you don't write consistent event reports or a diary about bar sales, then you’re almost certainly missing out on valuable insights for business development and efficiency. Keeping one will definitely help you margins in the long run.



3. Correlating

The next step is to correlate the weather forecast with your sales in your reporting. The more detailed the reports, the better you can assess what affects your sales and how you need to prepare. Every bar is unique in this respect.

Pro Tip: also take into account local goings on that might affect footfall, such as sporting events, markets or music events. Even basic statistics can tell you how many more beers you sell in sunshine with all other factors being equal. Get the A-Level maths student you employ part-time on the case, job done.


4. Refining the Process

Keep track of how well your predictions are going. The better you get, the more confident you will be when refining details such as staffing estimates and stock orders to maximise efficiency. Even small but consistent improvements will do wonders for your margins over time.



5. Sunny Weather Sales

Be practical. If possible, have a plan for sunshine-focused products and the appropriate signage to advertise them. The small addition of iced products to your regular menu, like G&T ice pops or frozen drinks for example, can turn customers’ heads and make profits that must be seen to be believed.



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