How to Promote Customer Engagement at Events and Festivals

Brands are making bigger and bolder decisions about the way they look at events, while keeping a strong focus on engaging with and impressing their target audience. The stronger the connection the event attendees feel to the product, the more likely they are to repurchase it.

Here are some ways that might help make your brand's event presence even more memorable.


Why Engagement Marketing?

The most beneficial part of engagement marketing is creating a relationship between the consumer and your product or brand. Interactive marketing is great at attracting more consumers to your display, and at generating a 'buzz' around your product. When people are having fun with it, they will remember it - just make sure it's connected to your branding.

Creating a brand experience will also help you gain insight into the mind of your customers. This helps solidify not only your engagement (and other types of) marketing you invest time and money in, but also gets you feedback on your product and branding. This will help your company thrive and improve brand loyalty in the long run.


What Factors to Consider

When crafting your engagement marketing, there are a few key ingredients to deciding on what sort of activity, game or competition you might want to go for.

What product are you promoting and what will get the attention of your target audience?

Your brand's engagement marketing will depend on the demographic you are targeting and on what you'll be promoting to them. For example, a brand activation for a new spirit at a boutique festival will be very different from that for a baby food advertised at a department store.

What's the event location and what will the weather be like? 

The location and weather might also play a part in shaping your engagement marketing plans. You can however go around some weather conditions, for example by bringing a gazebo to de-risk activities falling through because of rain.

How long will it take to participate? 

Your engagement marketing game, competition or activity shouldn't take too long to complete, but at the same time should aim to grab an audience's attention from the start, and be long enough to become memorable.


How to Engage with Your Audience?

We have a few examples for you to draw inspiration from when crafting your own brand engagement experience. A few ideas for what you can do are:

  • Raffles & competitions - customers can enter their details on paper or in an electronic device, or put their business cards into a jar to enter a prize draw. The perks of this are that you get people's details, so that you will be able to contact them in the future, and you can also get them to sign up to your mailing list.
  • Guessing games - for example, guessing how many of your product are in a certain packet, box, or at your entire stand. Whoever guesses right, gets a prize.
  • Physical activities, like achieving a task - this is another competition option, where customers can throw or lift something, for example, to receive a prize.
  • Tech & social media engagement - chances are, most people who come to your stand will have some kind of social media account. If you have a hashtag or online competition, you can get those who interact with your product to get involved in that too, perhaps for a prize. There are other ways tech can enhance your product presentation. For example, you can use wearable tech or VR.

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