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How to Book the Best Events and Festivals for Your Brand

Quirky Group's Guide to Event Bookings

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It seems like some companies have a full events programme year-round. However, don't let yourself be fooled by social media, it's not about the quantity of events you attend but about the quality of your selection.

So what are the best events for your brand to attend? Here is how to get from a blank calendar to a full and satisfying event schedule.

1. Narrowing down the types of events

First, you'll have to figure out where you stand on a few criteria, to narrow down the pool of events, so that you maximise your return and reach your ideal customers.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Your budget & the event size - a larger budget will mean you can get into bigger events with a larger audience, but there are often more cost-effective smaller events too
  • The type, or types of events you want to attend - you can consider attending festivals, trade or consumer shows
  • Event location, travel & convenience - how far do you want to travel from where you're based, or would you hire an event agency to deliver certain events?
  • Is your target audience going to be there?

The Darnley's Gin stand we created for Imbibe Live 2017

2. The event selection process

  • Make a long list of events you might want to visit that fulfil most (or all) of the criteria
  • Consider which ones would go well together, creating a cohesive but not overwhelming event season
  • Try to have a balance of event types or a balanced geographic and demographic spread, to cover all potential target audiences for your brand
  • Re-evalute your criteria - you might need to rethink your selection process or budget
  • Get us involved - we've been doing this for years, so have a good idea what events do and don't work! Click here to find out what we do.

Our set of premium market stalls in the Bullring in Birmingham, built for Appear Here and Hammerson

3. Know what you’re selling

  • Know what your stand, vehicle or other assets will look like. Festival organisers always request images of what your stand looks like, make sure you have them!
  • What products you’ll be serving, sampling, presenting. Again, festival organisers will need to know this, so make sure you know what products you will be bringing with you. 

The Fentimans Botanical Bar we designed and built last year, at Lost Village Festival 2017

4. Go out and book them!

The final step is, of course, to sell your concept and book your events. Deadlines for summer have already closed, with many more closing over the coming weeks. Make sure you move quick!

Want to be memorable at events? We can help. To discuss your events schedule and what we can do for you, get in touch at

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