What is Experiential Marketing and How Can It Benefit Your Brand

There have been many buzzwords coming from entrepreneurs and marketers in recent years, and a lot of these have failed to grow out of being only a trend. More and more frequently, people have been talking about 'experiential', 'engagement' or 'participation' marketing, which begs the question of is it worth it and will it last? We say it's here to stay - here is why and how brands of all sizes have been using it with big success.

Source: GoPopup

Source: GoPopup


What is experiential marketing?

Companies have been adopting an experiential approach as an alternative to traditional advertising. It's a chance for current and potential customers to engage with their product, resulting in increased sales, so it has become an essential part to many marketing campaigns. Events and sampling are good examples of experiential marketing.

Source: ExactDrive

Source: ExactDrive


What are the benefits of experiential marketing?

1. Diversifies your content

Moving away from more traditional forms of advertising, experiential marketing not only gives you some exciting campaigns to talk about on your social media profiles, but can also make a successful PR story and help your brand go viral.

2. Softens the sell

In 2018, the world of brand marketing is decreasingly about a sales-heavy approach and increasingly about customer experience, raising brand awareness and making a lasting impression on people. Thoughtful immersive experiences will help you avoid a hard sell, while gripping your potential customers.

3. Wins new business

It's proven that when customers engage with or try the product first, they are more likely to purchase it in the future. That's why experiential marketing is an excellent way to engage a new audience and turn them into customers.

4. Improves customer loyalty

Because of its immersive qualities, experiential marketing can also strengthen a customer's relationship to your brand. When they have fun and feel engaged with the product, they will want to come back for more.

Source: bdifferent.ie

Source: bdifferent.ie


What brands should use experiential marketing?

There really is no limit when it comes to the types of companies that can benefit from using engagement to win new business. Since it comes in many forms and is enticing to customers and so good at spreading brand awareness, experiential marketing can be used for almost any brand.

Food and drinks companies sampling their products to potential customers is becoming more common and more interactive, and is one of the most popular types of engagement marketing.

You can create a spectacular visitor experience at your trade show or festival stand, at your talk or event, to impress and entice your audience. Experiential marketing can be adapted to all scales and budgets - it doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.

The Fentimans Botanical Bar we designed and built last year, at Lost Village Festival 2017

The Fentimans Botanical Bar we designed and built last year, at Lost Village Festival 2017


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