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Our favourite Quirky event spaces

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1. Kew Gardens is just gorgeous. We love the open spaces, and the stunning greenhouses. Perfect for an impromptu wander or a memorable party.

2. The Brunel Museum is one of the quirkiest event spaces we've visited. We loved serving wedding drinks from the Bicycle Bar in this cylindrical underground cavern that took our breath away.

3. The Asylum in Peckham houses a shabby-chic interior, hidden behind a fantastic classical portico. The perfect blend of glamour and jaw dropping cool.

4. The Gherkin... a bit extravagant, but no one can deny that watching the sun set between the triangular panes of glass forming the domed roof is incredible. 

5. Ivory Vaults, beneath ​the grade II listed Ivory House, are just beautiful. It's the one venue on this list that Quirky Group are yet to visit, but we're looking for any excuse to explore!

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