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Warming Winter Drinks

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Oh the weather outside is frightful... but Christmas is long passed, and we have a couple of months of shivering ahead of us. How to cope?! Much has been said lately about Hygge, which is indeed a lovely concept, but our top coping mechanism is warming wintry drinks. We hope you like our faves! 

Hot Choc: an oldie, but a goodie. We've tried the fancy stuff, but we keep on coming back to cheap and cheerful Options. A splash of milk is important to make it extra tasty, and if you really wanna go mad pour in a splash of Amaretto, Rum or Whisky. Whipped cream topping optional.

Mulled Pimms: we discovered this in December, and are still raving about it. Heat up one part Pimms with 2 parts apple juice and 1 part ginger beer, with a handful of cinnamon sticks. Serve with a juicy orange slice, and enjoy the taste of heaven!

Earl Grey Hot Toddy: add 50ml of whiskey and two tbsp of fresh lemon juice to a cup of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea. Stir in honey to taste, and garnish with a thin slice of lemon.

And of course, a winter warmers blog would not be complete without a mention of Mulled Wine. Best purchased at an outdoor market, served slightly too hot in a paper cup so that the first sip slightly burns your mouth... we've all been there.

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