Planning and Managing a Summer Event Programme for WiseHead Productions

This year, we helped WiseHead Productions in planning their events for 2018 and positioning their three newly-launched brands.

The first impression was very important for us when creating their event strategy - this push was to promote their range of brand new premium products that most people had not even seen on the shelves yet.


Our goal in strategy, branding and event selection alike was to get the products out to as many people from the target audience as possible. And, since there isn’t anything quite like it on the market, we also had to forge the way for the brand and to introduce it to people in the right ways. Once they tried the drinks, we knew they would love them - the question was how to get there.

We consulted the brand on the best events to attend and, once approved, we also liaised with the event organisers, negotiating and securing the booking for a series of events that would build the brand presence across London and Southern England.


We also designed and built a mobile bar to take to their events. There were three brands to represent - Monte Rosso, T&E No. 1 and London Essence Co, meaning the branding of the bar had to encapsulate three different identities, and altogether be sophisticated and premium.

We are in the process of planning and delivering the company's summer event schedule and our best Brand Ambassadors represent the product and introduce it to the target market. So far, the bar has appeared at Pub in the Park, Marlow and Foodies Festival in Syon Park. Keep an eye out for its future appearances - and come share the sophisticated sips.


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