Quirky Group Brand Ambassadors Take Over London to Deliver the New Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry in Experiential Marketing Campaign

For this year's National Picnic Week, our Quirky Group Brand Ambassadors took over several of the most instagrammable parks to get a new drink, Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry, into people's hands.

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Fentimans combined the launch of a brand new product with an experiential marketing campaign, called #FentimansPicnic, covering some of the most beautiful picnic spots in London. Quirky Group was in charge of distributing thousands of delicious, ice-cold drinks to dog walkers, runners, cyclists, families, and people enjoying a picnic in the sun - and introducing them all to the new product.


The weekend takeover was successful, with the drinks being popular both among those already familiar with the existing range of Fentimans products, and people who were not familiar with the brand before interacting with our team. 

This new experiential marketing campaign was received well by people of all ages... and by dogs too! 


The Quirky Group team was responsible for making this campaign happen and become successful. From the logistical planning and project management, to getting down to the nitty-gritty and handing out the bottles on the day.

Our Brand Ambassadors were happy to be involved in this campaign, to get Londoners excited about the product and to hand them a bottle of cold delicious Sparkling Raspberry - the key to a #FentimansPicnic success!

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