Quirky Group’s Stand for Indie Bay Stuns at Lunch! Show New Snack Brand's First Trade Show Goes Down a Treat

Indie Bay is a new snack brand which aims to disrupt the market, offering a healthier alternative to pretzels. We had the opportunity to design and build an exciting, colourful exhibition stand for them this month, as well as set them up at Lunch!, one of the biggest annual shows for brands in the food and drinks industry.

Photo 21-09-2017, 10 29 29.jpg


It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to work with their team and being involved in their launch and first exhibition. The exhibition stand we built stand stays true to the brand, emphasising all key brand elements and colours in the design.

Indie Bay.jpg


The stand even included an Indie Bay Ship with a mast topped with branded flags, and a 3D bird hanging from the ceiling - both of which customers will recognise from the packaging.

Photo 21-09-2017, 10 29 31.jpg


Aesthetics did not come before practicality though, and the Indie Bay mountain which also features heavily on the packaging, also acts as a secret storage unit. And with Indie Bay’s three flavours conveniently displayed and stored in containers integrated into the bar, the snacks were easily accessed by hungry customers.

Indie Bay - Lunch Exhibition.png


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