The Power of Branding and Being Seen

Getting your brand name and logo out there are some of the best ways to make your brand more successful. This will get you more fans, customers, and thus improve your business’ bottom line.

So why is branding so powerful and important?

The four main ways eye-catching branding will help you are:  

  1. Brand & Product Recognition. People will recognise your packaging on the shelves or your brand will be top of mind when they need your services.

  2. Customer Loyalty. Your biggest fans will become your most loyal customers. Good brand recognition and a strong brand will drive loyalty among your customers and make them the best advocates of your product.

  3. Rise in Sales. Recognition and loyalty will give your company a boost in sales, making it all-round more successful.

  4. Make a Lasting Impact Online. Last but not least... you can elongate the effect of an activation through digital marketing. Don't forget to take photos of your bar, branding, event or product sampling, and share them on your website and social media.

Our Tricycle Bar.

Our Tricycle Bar.

Our Fully Branded Bar.

Our Fully Branded Bar.


We can help make all this and more happen through a variety of event services and the bespoke branding options on all our Quirky Bars.

Be seen from afar with our elevated branding, or stun your potential customers with fully wrapped bars.

For more details on what we’ve done for brands in the past, check out our portfolio here:  or get in touch on to find out what we can do for you.

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