Why Brand Ambassadors Should Be an Essential Part of Your Business

As a busy Business Owner or Marketing Manager, you can’t be in several places at once. But nowadays, it seems like your brand has to be almost everywhere, all the time to be successful.

Brands have to juggle digital, on- and off-trade marketing, and with a tight-knit team, there are always challenges. 

Hiring a team of Brand Ambassadors for your events, activations and store samplings is one of the best ways to make sure your business is covering enough ground, without stretching yourself, your team and your business too thin. 


What is a Brand Ambassador? 

BA’s are your brand’s endorsers. They are hired to represent your company, product or service, and to promote it, improve brand awareness and increase sales. 

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What can Brand Ambassadors do for your business?

Just about anything, and the final result is they win you more fans. 

Anything from product sampling and flyering to speaking to customers at creative activations and serving drinks to your customers at festivals, or dancing at your pop-up shop - Brand Ambassadors will bring creativity, professionalism and great customer service as the face of your company. 

They can represent product- or service-based businesses alike, and B2B and B2C companies can both benefit from them.

At Quirky Group, all our staff members are trained, experienced and professional. They love what they do and are always friendly and enthusiastic.


One tip when hiring is, much like with any job, to make sure you know what you’re looking for and what the BA’s skillset should be. While some Brand Ambassadors can be all-rounders, others are specialists in particular fields or industries. 

Some of the skills our lovely team members possess are flair mixology, sommelier knowledge, aerial hoop or fire performance. Other Ambassadors are trained in sales or have experience in premium stores, showrooms, stadiums and sports events. 

No matter what your brand, event or venue, we’ve got the right person for the job.

Let Quirky Group craft an immersive brand experience for your next event.

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