Transforming a Catering Trailer into a Beautiful Branded Bar Quirky Group can help your brand stand out

At Quirky Group, we are the events managers with a can-do attitude, ready for a challenge and equipped to make your brand stand out from the rest. We put a lot of thought into our projects and perfect every detail, adding well-positioned signage or branded props, deckchairs and eye-catching lights. We do it all to make sure a brand is seen and remembered.

We are committed to making all our creations both functional and beautiful. And the catering trailers we transform for brands are no exception - each is carefully tailored to serve the need of the customer whilst reflecting the brand.

Most recently, we delivered two 16-foot-long mobile Botanical Bars for Fentimans in April. Once we had the chassis and shell of the trailer ready, we applied slick Fentimans branding to the unit to raise brand awareness even whilst the bars are in transit.

We then started extensive work in our workshop, cladding the front and the interior in hand-stained wood, installing a bespoke countertop and crafting a serving bar that would be at just the right height for thirsty customers. Making sure that everything was fully functional, we fitted two fridges, a freezer and a sink.

We installed custom lighting and added an extra special touch - attaching a trellis to the semi-transparent ceiling with ivy woven through it so that light floods in through greenery, making the Botanical Bars look like they’re ‘living’. Customised to align with the Fentimans brand identity, these quirky spaces both include carefully crafted details, including copper embellishments, a botanical brewing kit and a copper still.

 At every event, we surround the Botanical Bars with a full suite of custom-made and branded garden furniture and parasols, and we accessorise with fresh plants and botanicals throughout the bar and within the garden area.

 We also added a 16-foot-long sign to the roof of the bar, and an 8-foot-tall menu board, so that Fentimans really stands out from the crowd. With each detail, we have aimed to emphasise the botanical beauty of the brand and to create a unique Fentimans space which is sure to enchant visitors at every event.

 As well as creating bespoke bars, Quirky Group offers endless options based on your needs – we are experts in anything from simple sampling stands to unique mobile event spaces.

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