What Happens When You Hire Quirky Group To Manage Your Events

At Quirky Group, we offer a range of event services for growing companies. We project manage, theme and staff events of all sizes, and make sure that everything is just right, from the planning stage to the end of your event. We can even create a bespoke event space for you! Quite simply, we take the hassle out of events.

Your Own Quirky Space

We are dedicated to coming up with new and exciting ideas, customising every detail to suit a brand. We can design and build a mobile bar or sample space, create your exhibition or trade show stand, theme a space for you, or completely transform a venue.



Project Management

We are project management experts, so we can take all of that hassle that off your hands, including liaising with venues and suppliers as well as contractors and staff. We arrange everything from conception to realisation, including managing the budget and staying on top of all health and safety regulations and paperwork.



Event Setup

The Quirky team will be there for all your event needs, including the not-so-glamourous work and the heavy lifting. Quirky Group can take care of the set-up, breakdown and storage of an exhibition stand or props. We will make sure you're ready to go when the event starts, making it a stress-free experience for you.


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You and your customers can also benefit from the services of our team of brand ambassadors and trained professional staff, who can help with bartending, catering or delivering your marketing campaigns. They will help your brand stand out from the rest, engaging with customers face-to-face, so that you make a real impact.


Case Study: The Fentimans Botanical Bars

This year, we built two Botanical Bars for drinks company Fentimans, transforming two traditional catering trailers into beautiful mobile bars. We designed them to be on-brand in every detail and equipped them with everything a bar needs, from sinks to fridges.

We have booked the Botanical Bars into a variety of summer events, trade shows and festivals on behalf of Fentimans, and organised a team of professionals to staff events. We make sure the staff, bars, stock (everything!) arrive on time for each event, doing all the setup and breakdown for the Fentimans space, as well as storing the bars in between events. We handling every detail of this summer roadshow, keep things as simple as possible for our client.


Fentimans - Allergy Show 2.jpg

When it comes to representing a brand in its best light, Quirky have got you covered for all your serving, selling, sampling and exhibiting needs.


If you are looking for an easy way to manage your events, look no further. You can read more about what we can do for you or speak to us at hello@quirky-group.co.uk

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