What Can Live Events Do for Your Brand? Why Good Event Marketing is Just as Important as Your Social Media Campaigns

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It might seem like social media marketing is all the rage, but companies shouldn’t underestimate the value of traditional marketing channels and live events. The key to a powerful brand is powerful presence on- and offline, so social media and events should go hand-in-hand. Here are four reasons why good event marketing is critical for success:

Raise Brand Awareness

Having a busy events schedule to complement your social media engagement, and a bold presence at events, will make for a stronger brand image. This is vital in raising brand awareness, reaching the maximum amount of people and building successful relationships.

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Engage with your Customer Base

An efficient way for customers to warm up to brands and put their trust in them is through one-to-one interaction. Event visitors get a personal experience of your product and as such have a better chance of connecting with your company ethos. This also results in more recommendations to friends.



Generate Leads

Live events are also effective in generating leads and sales, and helping your company grow. You will get the chance to speak to customers, decision makers and buyers alike, all face-to-face. There are tried and tested ways of collecting their data at events, such as conducting surveys or competitions, or just a good old-fashioned business card exchange.

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Reach the Right Audience

Choosing the right events for your brand will help in the execution of this strategy. When deciding on your schedule, think about where you will best reach your target audience, be it customers or buyers, to increase the impact and ROI of your activation.



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